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Bank Account Transfer - How to buy our products or services :)


kBot noGG / 12 years license / 13 euro - 20 USD - 60 RON

kBot GG / unlimited license / 25 euro - 35 USD - 120 RON

kerkava / unlimited license / 25 euro - 35 USD - 120 RON

kOpenStealth / unlimited license / 25 euro - 35 USD - 120 RON

1 license moving / you can move your license whenever you want / 5 euro - 8 USD - 15 RON

5 license moving / you can move your license whenever you want / 13 euro - 20 USD - 60 RON

Bot Service / we bot for you, captcha service included / read here

* if you live in EUROPE convert in EUR your money, if you live in other continents convert in USD Dollars

CAPTCHA SERVICE, automatically enter captcha code, read here all instructions

PROMO/OFFER: buy 10 licenses in same hour, and you will get a free license noGG

First notes) Before you make a payment, make sure you already tested our product (which you want to buy) to avoid complication in activation of license/service.

STEP 1) What you must do for getting the license?

Request our bank data on our mail, after you get confirmation and payed us, send email with: (to kbotdarkorbit@yahoo.com )

- give your full name and sum

- your USERID from darkorbit where to be activated (click here to see where you find this)

- what type of product do you choose (kbot noGG, GG.. moving license..)

- your CUSTOMER CN (you can find it on Control Center, then click to RED number and then PASTE to my mail, image)

ATTENTION! carefully to not give me the wrong CN, otherwise you must buy again.

STEP 2) What to do after payment is done?

After payment and our confirmation on mail, read here

Note: The whole transaction is conducted at maximum of 4-5 business days, you can insist on mail if you didn't received any mail from us after 5 days! For this takes a little more time because international bank transfer takes more time to transfer the money.

With new method of activation it depends also from customers, if you send email with all instructions given, will go fast.

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