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What is a program called BOT ?

What you will get if you buy from bestbots.ro ?


This bot need some user experience, if you dont know how to use it please watch our instructions and videos.

You can program the bot to do NPC couple of hours, then go to collect some boxes, after that why not some palladium and eventually if some gates are opened to make them also.

This bot has a lot of functions and is very complex, you may encounter some bugs when using it, try to not enable all things all the time, enable one by one after each testing. Anyway all will be solved with time, but may appear new ones.. So be patient.

What this bot know to do ?:

• Beautiful and easy to use GUI, and light software

• Box gathering (Bonus Boxes, Event Boxes, Pirate Boxes)

• Skylab: Automatically expand the Skylab

• Timetable: Set at which time your accounts will do your custom tasks

• Statistics: Draws nice graphs, so you can optimize your settings to get the most out of the bot!

• Galaxy Gates: Automatically build your Galaxy Gates with GG Energy and then let the bot do the gates for you!

• NPC Hunting: Hunt NPCs on any map

• P.E.T.: Enable P.E.T. to let the bot intelligently use your P.E.T.!

• Drone Formations: Set different Drone Formations for different situations

• Auto Boost: Automatically update your shield and speed generators by letting the bot send resources from the Skylab!

• Drone Repair: When you don't have a Drone Repair CPU, the bot will take care of repairing your drones

• Multiple Sessions: Run the bot on multiple accounts at the same time, runs completely in the background and uses very little resources!

• No UID lock: Switch accounts as much as you like :)

• Human Behaviour: Flees from enemies, idles at gate, real-world-inspired movement system to mimic human players when fighting and flying

• Repair after Death: Automatically repair after death using only the repair options you configured

• Pathfinder: Just set your map and the bot automatically find its way there :)

• windows OS (tested on win7, win8(.1), win10, server 2008, server 2k12) (untested: xp, server 2k3)


How to start/run DOB ?

This product doesnt have trials because security reasons, you can buy the TEST license which is very cheap.

There is no download until the payment is done. Is needed to make account on DOB Forum, license is bind to DOB Forum account.

You will receive all instructions where to make account on DOB Forum, how to activate license and how to download the bot on mail !

If you encounter problems in running the bot please contact us at kbotdarkorbit@yahoo.com

How to run VIDEO for newbies: click here  + more tutorials SOON

How to buy / activate license  ??

Click here to see all instruction for buying and methods of paying.

Video short demonstration:

DOB Background / Packet bot - experienced users advanced bot for Darkorbit

read...InformationInformationBots are automated or semi-automated tools that carry out repetitive and mundane tasks in order to maintain your account in darkorbit. The program that makes your game experience, credits and most important galaxy gates and uridium. Why do you still wasting your time when this program is doing all for you? Why to loose lives struggling yourself to do a galaxy gate when you are tired or other things .. we all know how boring is to make a gate or to play for leveling up or for uridium, we have the solution for you, kBot.

Why put money in MEGA HAPPY HOUR, when you can put only 25 euros now, once in life (infinite license) and put the bot to collect automatically bonus boxes for uridium. (10 euro mega = 100.000 Uridium, with the bot in a week you collect ~300.000 uridium or more if you bot 24/7)

read...InformationInformation- unlimited license, not binded to USERID !!, run one or multiple different accounts.
- once purchased you will not have to buy again, you will have free updates (updates can take sometimes even 1 year)
- you get tips and tricks how to use the bot, and advice for how to avoid to being caught by bigpoint (you will can use after the payment is done, only for KBOT)
- get tips for best configuration in galaxy gates
- get tips for best configuration for best collection of bonus box
- video how to start / configure the bot
- we are more than 3 years on the market, we are old and stay with you, 100% support

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