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IMPORTANT)  There is no trial version because of security, you can buy the Silver test license 3days.

You will receive the download of bot and all instructions after payment is done and follow the STEP 1 and STEP 2 down here on this page. If you dont have a DOB forum username, leave it blank.

If you are new to bots. More info here + video. If you want to bot us for you read here

Pay I) a) Prices PayPal:          → for paypal/credit card use the right button buy →

Silver TEST license 3 days / one (1) darkorbit account running simultaneous / 3 EUR

Silver license 30 days / one (1) acc simultaneous / 15 EUR

Silver license 60 days / one (1) acc simultaneous / 28 EUR 30 EUR

Silver license 90 days / one (1) acc simultaneous / 40 EUR 45 EUR

Gold license 30 days / two (2) darkorbit account running simultaneous / 28 EUR 30 EUR

Gold license 60 days / two (2) acc simultaneous / 50 EUR 60 EUR

Gold license 90 days / two (2) acc simultaneous / 65 EUR 90 EUR

Platin license 30 days / four (4) darkorbit account running simultaneous / 55 EUR 60 EUR

Platin license 60 days / four (4) acc simultaneous / 100 EUR 120 EUR

Platin license 90 days / four (4) acc simultaneous / 120 EUR 180 EUR

|-------------------------------------------------------------short notice----------------------------------------------------------------|

* if you buy with paypal you can buy from every country with your currency, it will automatically convert for euro money.. just use the button from paypal

** license is not bind to USERID, so you can run 1 (one) to unlimited DIFFERENT darkorbit accounts whenever you want but not simultaneous. (depends on license type)

WARNING: who will try to scam us with dispute of paypal, your license will be suspended.

Also for UNSUSPEND, you must pay a TAX of 16 euro (or more) to cover the fee`s. Be serious don`t scam!

|-------------------------------------------------------------short notice----------------------------------------------------------------|

b) Prices Western Union, Bank Transfer:

Same prices like paypal official !!! (**as long you check to pay the fee of bank or western (minimal), Silver 3days not available)

For PAYSAFECARD PSC email us for instructions. **different prices, *DE may not work

Pay II) Prices Paymentwall  Mobile SMS payment MOBIAMO / and more ticket, voucher, prepaid card

* if you buy with other ticket, you can buy from every country with your currency, it will automatically convert in USD…

* you will receive all the rest from tickets from now on !! You can buy me a beer instead if you wish or donate the PIN code with low value

* Paymentwall Terms:

• At the point when an end-user wishes to make a payment, his registration details may be passed to Paymentwall that provides payment processing services, in order for Paymentwall to better protect service and end-users from unauthorized payments.

• all payments are in USD and added a little fee to cover their conversion from tickets/prepaid card/sms to bank/paypal.

STEP 1) What you must do for getting the license?

Make the payment, then send email with: (to kbotdarkorbit@yahoo.com )

- what type of license do you choose (silver 3 days, silver 30 days, gold 60 days, platin etc..)


PayPal • just forward the email from paypal, OR your paypal name or email

Western Union • give MTCN code from western, your full name, your country and sum (ask where to send in mail)

Bank Transfer • give your full name and sum (ask where to send in mail)

Prepaid TicketsMOBIAMO SMSMINT • send Reference number OR order ID OR transaction ID

Example: Hi I bought a DOB Silver 30 days license with example@email.com and reference number xxxxxxx

STEP 2) What to do after payment is done?

After your payment is done and contacted us like STEP 1, you will receive emails with your license code, instructions for activation and download of the bot (bear in mind that you need to make an account forum registration where license will be saved, this instructions will be on mail also)

Note: The whole transaction is conducted at maximum of 6 hours (24/48 hours for western, 2-3 days for bank transfer), you can insist on mail if you didn't received any mail from us after 12 hours! Sometimes the license is activate within 5 minutes :)

With new method of activation it depends also from customers, if you send email with all instructions given, will go fast.

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