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How to run kBot, kerkava and kOpenStealth

Main server with licenses for kBot and kerkava was overloaded and flooded by DDOS attacks, so IVAN makes a new tool for protection, the control center with GOOGLE.

For all products, only 1 time needed to can run our products, follow STEP 1:

- download the latest versions kBot, kerkava or kOpenStealth from the main page website, click here

- install kBot, kerkava or kOpenStealth (beware of antivirus to not delete any file)

- run normally kBot, kerkava or kOpenStealth from desktop (do not run kbotcc.exe, it will run automatically when run kBot or kerkava)

- now in the bottom right, click on the green arrow icon (named Control Center)

- you should see a window Control center

- click the Register button, near to Hide (it must lead you to https://accounts.google.com/SignUp)

- even if you have a google account, please make new one to working and to be related only to our products

- make an account here (ATTENTION! no special characters allowed, and do not forget this account on google, here you will have all your licenses, do not give to anybody your  google account) more details about your security license, click here

- After you've created an account to GOOGLE go back to the green icon, Control center

- Go to User/PIN, enter your details that you registered on GOOGLE, press Ok

- ID = email user from google (example@gmail.com), PIN = password from google

- Now do not close Control center, click hide or minimize, it must always be open when running kBot, kerkava or kOpenStealth

- DO NOT CHANGE SERVER JID, it must be kbotik@xmpp.ru

- if still you dont have a CUSTOMER ID (CN red number), then you might block it with antivirus/antivirus/spyware/proxy


a) kBot, just open and login with darkorbit account.

b) kerkava, it may be further instructions, read “STEP 2: how to configure” here

c) kOpenStealth, it may be further instructions, read “STEP 2: how to configure” here

Note: If you have multiple licenses kBot, kerkava or kOpenStealth, you need only one account in GOOGLE (control center)

What is / Where I find CUSTOMER ID ?? click here for image

If you have others problems check here Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Video Tutorial: (please ignore the JABBER account creation, make google account.. may be new video soon with google)

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