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What is a program called BOT ?

What you will get if you buy from bestbots.ro ?

What this bot know to do ?:

- collect bonus box (the invisible ones doesn't collect)

- antiban, when BIGPOINT change something in the game (known example of invisible boxes), do not let you use the program anymore until the programmer of kbot changes those, for your safety

- kill npc / aliens: (Streuner, Lordakia, Devolarium, Mordon, Sibelon, Saimon, Sibelonit, Lordakium, Kristallin, Kristallon, StreuneR, Cubikon, Protegi, Kucurbium) all this aliens and BOSS and UBER.

- collect cargo resources (prometium, endurium, terbium)

- sell resources collected from aliens (if you have selling drone, sell directly there)

- jump portals and jump back when is attacked or when it need to repair

- progress bar for hitpoints, shield, cargo (you can set on what percentage of their hitpoints to automatically repair)

- change configuration automatically when shield is down from the other configuration

- you can choose with what ammunition to fire LIVE, x1, x2, x3, x4 si SAB, rockets R310 PLT 2026 PLT 2021 PLT 3030

- show PLAYERS around you (show company, clan and the name of player)

- show enemy on any map with a rectangle on the minimap (like in x-1)

- make gates (GALAXY GATES), alpha beta,gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, kappa, lambda, you can set for what wave to automatically exit

- ammunition statistics, shows how much ammo you spend in aliens, how much ammo you have in total for each type of ammunition

- user statistics, show how many credits you have earned, uridium, jackpot, extra energy, experience and honor, and their total

- log statistics, show the log from the game, like the game log on the map (how much exp, credits you get from an NPC, etc.)

- he stay to portal or base when there are more enemies on the map (works only in x-1 x-2), if you set to do this

- chat, you can use the chat directly on bot, in all available language

- status invisible, tells you in a corner if you're invisible (you do not have to go over the game all the time now to check this feature)

- status timer, turn off at any hour you want

- login via username and password, reopen last settings from bot

- build galaxy gates directly from bot !!!

- auto-repair ship and continue work in what map died

- automatic refine resources (no need for premium anymore)

- collect pumpkin

- collect stars and big ones

- login to your browser directly from bot

- automatically buy invisible

- now save last settings from bot, so you're not forced anymore to do it every time you login via bot

- added check for update when open bot

- change map at a certain time, set by you

- click on portal and tell to him to go on a certain map alone

- now sell resources no matter in what map you are, he is going to near base, sell and come back where he was last time, and back to work

- multi-language (russian, english, turk, italiano, francais, espanol, polski, magyar, ceska, deutsch)

- P.E.T. 15

- outfit invite, block, ignore, reject

- anti-captcha system

- run in opposite way when enemy

- you can set bot what to do with LIVE settings, no need to logout and so on

- automatically enter captcha code, read here for more info

ATTENTION: You can buy kBot without the function of galaxy gates, kBot no-GG, you will receive all of the above, just you can`t use in galaxy gates. Very good for NPC / aliens killing and collectable bonus boxes. License for 12 years :)

How much kBot will produce in 12 hours ?

without doubler advantage and pilot bio

- to kill NPC / aliens: ~20 millions experience, 50 - 60 millions credits

- to collecting bonus box: 35.000 - 40.000 uridium !

How to start/run kBot ?

You can test our products for 24 hours to see how it works, download from main page, or click here.

Follow video and the steps from click here.

If they are other problems you can check FAQ, click here.

How to buy / activate license / move license ??

Click here to see all instruction for buying and methods of paying.

Instructions for activate/move a license, click here. (If payment is completed and you already sent to our mail all info needed, you will get the instruction how to activate the license, if not just use the link from this paragraph.)

Video demonstration: (maybe soon)

kBot - best bot and safe for Darkorbit

read...InformationInformationBots are automated or semi-automated tools that carry out repetitive and mundane tasks in order to maintain your account in darkorbit. The program that makes your game experience, credits and most important galaxy gates and uridium. Why do you still wasting your time when this program is doing all for you? Why to loose lives struggling yourself to do a galaxy gate when you are tired or other things .. we all know how boring is to make a gate or to play for leveling up or for uridium, we have the solution for you, kBot.

Why put money in MEGA HAPPY HOUR, when you can put only 25 euros now, once in life (infinite license) and put the bot to collect automatically bonus boxes for uridium. (10 euro mega = 100.000 Uridium, with the bot in a week you collect ~300.000 uridium or more if you bot 24/7)

read...InformationInformation- unlimited license / UID (USERID/SHIPID) / account
- once purchased you will not have to buy again, you will have free updates (updates can take sometimes even 1 year)
- you get tips and tricks how to use the bot, and advice for how to avoid to being caught by bigpoint (you will can use after the payment is done)
- get tips for best configuration in galaxy gates
- get tips for best configuration for best collection of bonus box
- video how to start / configure the bot
- free help with www.teamviewer.com if you don`t manage to configure or similar problems
- we are more than 3 years on the market, we are old and stay with you, 100% support

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